Can a Lawyer Help Me Recover Investment Losses?

Your lawyer can definitely help you recover investment losses. However, this will depend on a number of factors. Again, recovering the money you have lost has a lot to do with the experience and competence of the attorney working for you. This is why you need Meissner Associates. This firm has experts who can help you recover your money and bring the fraudsters to justice if they are culpable. Below are some ways your legal expert can help you recover investment losses.

Look Over the Documents

The first thing your attorney will do is study all the documents related to the transaction in question. If the other party is trying to back out of meeting their obligations to you, your lawyer will easily find out from reading these documents. Again, if the wording of the documents was done in a manner that places you at a disadvantage, your lawyer will spot this attempt to cheat you. Deliberate use of ambiguous language to mislead the investor is an act of bad faith, and this will work against the other party if the matter goes to court.

Write the Parties Responsible for Your losses

If you have lost money in any business venture and you think the other party did not act in good faith, the first thing you should do is consult your attorney. Brief the attorney and state the facts of the case. Point out your suspicions and show the legal expert all the relevant documents.

Your lawyer will read these documents carefully and tell you how to go about recovering your money. Your lawyer will start the process by writing notification letters to the party responsible for the losses you incurred. This letter will spell out where the other party erred and indicate that the lawyer will take legal action to recover the money you have lost.

If your lawyer uses the right expressions and exercises technical know-how, the other party could invite you for an out-of-court settlement. Note that you should not hold any meetings with the other party if your lawyer is not present. Again, you should not keep any appointments with the attorney of the other party. Let your own lawyer handle these things for you and will recover the money you have lost.

Sue the Offender

If the other party does not respond to the letters from your lawyer, the next move is litigation. Suing an individual or a company for financial losses is a long and complicated process. Do not attempt to sue the other party on your own. You need a competent and qualified attorney to do this for you. The papers must be filed the right way and the defendants must be duly served so that they will appear in court. It is important that your attorney begins the process early. This way, the statute of limitations will not have an adverse effect on the case.

If you do not get a favorable judgment, this should not discourage you. Your lawyer can simply file an appeal. A higher court will hear the case and give judgment in your favor. If you do not win at the appellate level, your lawyer should go all the way to the Supreme Court.  

Final Word

You have lost good money, but you should not let the party responsible for your losses get away with it. Contact the right lawyer and tell this professional the facts of the case. This legal expert will fight for you and ensure that you recover your losses.

Does Bankruptcy Resolve Tax Debt?

If you have outstanding debts that you cannot pay, then you might need to declare bankruptcy to stop the bleeding and start fresh. This will generally result in debt forgiveness, although the creditors can still get some amount in payments from your liquidated assets. Once the process is complete, the debtor will be free from all obligations. This is a simple free pass, however, as there are some undesirable consequences, such as a huge plunge in credit rating, a bad social stigma, and the aforementioned liquidation of assets. There are some debts that are excluded from this process as well, so you may be wondering, does bankruptcy resolve tax debt?

Tax Requirements for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The short answer is: it depends. Some forms of bankruptcy have a bigger effect on taxes than others. There are also certain types of taxes that cannot be wiped out with this process. For Chapter 7 bankruptcies, federal income tax debts can be discharged only if you did not evade payments or commit fraud. The debts must be at least three years past their due dates and you must have filed a tax return for those debts for a minimum of two years before filing for the bankruptcy. This debt should have undergone assessment by the IRS 240 days or more prior to the bankruptcy petition. Note that federal tax liens cannot be discharged. You will have to pay them off before you can sell the properties.

Tax Requirements for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you are planning to file this type of petition, make sure that you understand all the requirements. This will only be granted if you were able to file all tax returns until four years ago. While serving the bankruptcy process, you will have to continue filing every required return. If you cannot do this, then at least get an extension. Throughout the bankruptcy case, you will be expected to pay current taxes as they get to their due date. If you do not file returns or pay the current taxes during this period, then the case could be headed for dismissal.

Options for Resolving Past-Due Federal Taxes

The IRS provides people with other options for resolving issues with federal taxes. One is getting a payment plan which allows a person to pay the amount owed within an extended period. This can be requested by those who think that they can settle everything within the new time frame. Short-term payment plans can last 120 days or less. This does not require any setup fees, but interest and penalties will accrue until the balance is fully paid. Long-term payment plans last more than 120 days, and they may be paid via direct debit, credit card, money order, or check. Interest and penalties will also accrue. Existing payment plans can be restructured or reinstated.

Another option is called “offer in compromise”. This could be a better choice for those who cannot pay their tax debts in full. The compromise agreement will allow partial payment depending on the circumstances of the debtor. Among the factors that will be studied are the individual’s income, expenses, asset equity, and ability to pay. This method requires a person to be current for all payments and filings. Those who are engaged in an open bankruptcy proceeding are not eligible. Debtors must submit their offer along with the proper forms and fees. This offer will be accepted if the amount is deemed reasonable based on current circumstances.

If you wish to resolve your tax debt, then consult a tax lawyer for a thorough study of possible solutions.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Benefits of Testosterone Replacement

Men rarely consider that they may be ideal candidates for bioidentical hormone therapy. Part of the reason most men never think of themselves as needing hormone therapy is their manliness, which actually originates from a hormone called testosterone. Unfortunately for all the manly things that culture teaches us, male and female bodies have a great deal in common. This includes a natural aging process whereby the hormones you need in your youth, for reproduction, are slowly minimized in your body. For women this mostly includes estrogen and for men this includes testosterone. Both of these can be kept level with bioidentical hormone therapy from our pharmacy. But what are the benefits of having a bioidentical hormone therapy evaluation for men with dwindling testosterone levels?

What You Should Know About Testosterone

Studies have found that testosterone does more for a man than just make him want to work out, give him a high sex drive, or make him stronger. In fact, testosterone, and this is why bioidentical hormone therapy is important, has been linked directly to any number of other health issue. These include heart health, showing that people who have had bioidentical hormone therapy tend to be less likely to have a heart attack. There are others.

How Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Helps

The goal of bioidentical hormone therapy is to keep the levels of testosterone within the normal range of an adult man. When these drop below the needed levels, medical professionals have associated this with metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome has been linked to any number of health issues in older men, including the rise of cholesterol and high blood pressure. Both of these, as you know, can be directly associated with the increased risk of heart failure, strokes, and type 2 diabetes. The great news is that in clinical tests, bioidentical hormone therapy has been showing to safely increase the levels of testosterone in a man’s system and lower his risk of these conditions.

The more people are aware of the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy, the more likely they are to benefit from it. Share this information with your friends and family.