What Is the Purpose of the Iowa Workers Comp System?

In Iowa, almost every employer is required to have workers compensation insurance for all their employees. Only a small group of employers are exempted from this requirement. Any employer who is required to have work comp insurance for their employees but fails to provide coverage can expect to face both criminal and civil penalties that can paralyze their business.

What Is Work Comp Insurance?

This is a type of state-mandated insurance that every employer is required to purchase on behalf of their employees to cover the cost of treating work-related injuries and related costs, such as missed wages and others. This policy provides a wide range of benefits, including medical benefits, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits and death benefits. When an employee gets injured at the workplace or while working for their employer, they can expect to get guaranteed medical benefits to cover the cost of essential medical treatment for the injuries they sustained at work. If an employee needs time to recuperate, their employer will notify the state and the work comp insurer by filing a work comp claim on behalf of the injured worker. After processing and approval, the insurance company will pay the medical and disability benefits.

What Is the Purpose of the Iowa Workers Comp System?

Workers compensation insurance was developed with a number of reasons in mind. However, the system was primarily developed with the safety and wellbeing of the worker in mind. The first goal is to ensure workers who are injured at the workplace get proper medical treatment without having to worry about the cost. The second goal of the work comp insurance system in Iowa is to ensure work-related accidents do not recur, so employers are required to properly investigate accidents and take measures to ensure similar accidents do not recur in the future. The end goal is to improve worker safety.

One of the most important goals of the Iowa workers comp system is helping to ensure injured workers do not lose their job when they spend weeks or months recuperating. Before the system was developed, employers had to let employees go after they got injured. With the Iowa workers comp system, however, it is illegal for employers to fire injured workers or to retaliate against them.

Since injuries can lead to permanent disability, the work comp system ensures that workers who have been seriously injured and permanently disabled can live a meaningful life after sustaining serious injuries that have led to permanent disability. After all, the work comp system offers long-term disability benefits to injured workers.

Getting Work Comp Benefits

As you can see, there are many benefits and goals of work comp insurance. To get benefits after getting injured, you have to report the injury within 30 days. You also have to seek medical attention at a medical facility that has been selected by your employer. You must show that the injury is work-related to get benefits. Due to the complexities of the Iowa workers comp system, consider hiring a workman’s comp lawyer in Iowa to help you get the benefits you are entitled to.

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