What Qualities Make a Great Attorney?

If you are working with an attorney, you want the best possible representation and outcome, meaning that it’s important to work with the best attorney you can find. A good attorney has a good track record when it comes to successful cases, has knowledge of the legal system in your state, and is experienced in their particular practice area—whether family law, criminal law, or another legal area. A successful attorney keeps up to date with changing rules and guidelines.  But of course, there are several other qualities that make a good lawyer, although not everyone has these traits.

You may be working closely with your lawyer for weeks or months, and they may be representing you in court, and for that reason, it’s important to work with someone that you feel comfortable with. It’s a good idea to take advantage of the initial free consultation that almost every attorney offers; not only is it a chance to find out their experience, qualifications, and background, but also to find out whether they are someone you feel you can confide in and work with for the duration of your case. An attorney’s office can also give you some idea of how organized they appear to be, and how they present themselves to clients.

A successful attorney comes across as being competent and professional, but at the same time can put their clients at ease and make them feel comfortable. Another good quality is the ability to explain things clearly, without confusing or overwhelming the person they’re are talking to; it’s all too easy to baffle clients with legalese or jargon. Just as important is the ability to listen to clients and convince them that their case really is important and that it will be treated seriously.

If your case goes to court, you’ll want to have an attorney with courtroom experience, as well as one who is persuasive, confident, and comfortable in that environment. Good writing skills are important too; most attorneys spend much of their time writing; being able to write clearly and succinctly to get an important point across is an obvious advantage.

Good communication is also an important quality when it comes to choosing a good lawyer. As the client, you will probably have questions during the process, and it’s important that your questions and concerns are addressed accurately and promptly. Nobody wants an attorney who just doesn’t return phone calls or reply to emails. Just as important is the ability to keep clients informed every step of the way, to request paperwork or information from clients in plenty of time. If you are looking for a good attorney, look no further than Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP.

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